Dice Twister


Dice Twister is a popular casino arcade game and also a game of chance. It’s kind of similar to Craps and Sic Bo, as the whole game play consists of you as a player predicting the outcome of a dice roll. It’s offered at all PlayTech Casinos such as Bet365 who were also kind enough to help us for offering this game in a free play mode, which you can do below.

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How To Playdicetwistergamebigwin

The game plays incredibly simple and you will only have to make a couple of decisions – the amount of money you are willing to wager and the bet type to make. The latter is basically a prediction of the outcome for the following dice roll. There are several bet types you can make, view them all below. I’ve sorted them according to the payout odds to make ’em more catchy to eyes.

  • Total count of 4 or 17 – pays 70 to 1

  • Total count of 5 or 16 – pays 35 to 1

  • Total count of 6 or 15 – pays 21 to 1

  • Total count of 7 or 14 – pays 14 to 1

  • Total count of 8 or 13 – pays 10 to 1

  • Total count of 9 or 12 – pays 8.25 to 1

  • Total count of 10 or 11 – pays 7.75 to 1

  • All Odd or All Even – pays 7.75 to 1

  • Low-Mid or High (total point score on all three dice) pays 2 to 1 and 3.75 to 1 for the Mid bet.

  • Particular number to be featured in next dice roll (either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) – one number pays 2 to 1, 2 number pays 3 to 1 and three of a kind pays out at 15 to 1.

dicetwistergamewinNow when you have decided which bet type or prediction you are about to make, adjust your bet sizing for it and you are all set! Click on the ”Spin” button that will automatically roll the dice and determine whether you win or not.

Our Thoughts on the Game

Dice Twister is a great ”light” alternative to more complicated casino table games like craps or sic bo as this game features much more basic bets and the game layout is also more suitable for beginners. If you like casino games featuring dice, this might be a nice choice. Payouts are also pretty generous and you can earn up to 70 times initial bet!

Play Dice Twister at Bet365 and receive up to $100 free instantly!