Penalty Shootout

penaltyshootoutcasinogamePenalty Shootout is a casino arcade game that is based on the popular concept of penalty shootout in sports. This particular one is based on a game of soccer offering you to wager money on whether you will score a penalty goal. If you are a fan of either arcade games or soccer, this is a must try. Thanks to Guts we are able to offer this game completely free of charge – try it on below link.

How To Play

penaltyshootoutcasinogamekeeperhistoryAlong with Penalty Shootout being a truly exciting and quite lucrative gambling game, it also is amazingly easy to play. There is no strategical knowledge required and anyone with an active internet connection and a passion for soccer will have a bunch of fun playing it.

Once the game loads you are presented with a screen where the amount of wager in the next kick can be adjusted. You can play for as little as a couple of cents or bet up to $100 per kick. After you have selected the desirable amount to wager for your shot, you also have to choose a direction for the kick. Directions differ in the odds offered and a payout of up to 12 times your bet can be won!

After wager amount has been selected, select the direction you aim to shoot the ball at and click on the ”Kick” button. This will lead to player shooting the ball and hopefully scoring to win you a nice payout.


I’m not quite sure how the payouts are determined, but seems like the hardest shots are corners in the upper area of the goal. That’s also the way to earn a 12x payout, but lets take a look at all the payouts offered in this Penalty Shootout game.

  • Bottom corners (left or right) – 3x your bet.

  • Straight in the middle – 5x your bet.

  • Upper corners (left or right) – 12x your bet.

If you wager the maximum amount ($100) per kick, it’s possible to win up to $1,200 per a single shot, given that you actually score. Might be the easiest $1,100 in net profit you ever earned!

Our Thoughts on The Gamepenaltyshootoutcasinogamegameplay

Definitely a fun way to spend a couple of boring hours during those rainy days. You don’t even have to deposit money or play for high stakes. A deposit of $10 will be more than enough to have several hours of fun, if you play for small stakes. Guts Casino has also agreed to match your deposit up to $100 and instantly credit this amount to your account, so if you deposit $100, you’ll actually have $200 to play with!

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