Oasis Poker

Do you like Caribbean Poker, but are also a fan of Video Poker? If so, Oasis Poker is a perfect fit for you as it merges both of these games. Try it out free, thanks to our friends at Mr Green as well as learn the rules and various aspects of the game-play.

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oasispokerbannerOasis Poker is an unique casino poker game that merges two very popular games – Caribbean Poker and Video Poker. Your goal is to get a stronger hand than the dealer, but unlike in Caribbean variation, Oasis allows you to exchange your cards, same way as in video poker games.

If you are looking for a table game that brings a whole lot of action and entertainment as well as some massive payouts possible, you’ve found it. I must add that Oasis can be played at most online casino sites that are using software from NetEnt – Net Entertainment that is. Lets go ahead and take a look at various aspects of the game including how to play it, payouts and some basic strategy tips.

Oasis Poker at Mr Green Casino

Oasis Poker at Mr Green Casino

How To Play

Before the start of every hand, you are required to place a wager. There are two types of wagers in this poker game – ante bet that is placed before cards are dealt and the call bet, which is placed if you want to continue with the hand and go to the showdown. Call bet is twice the size of the ante bet, so bear in mind that by placing a significant ante bet, you will also have to put double that amount if you get a reasonable hand dealt.

Once the wagers are all placed, the cards are dealt. Each, the player and the dealer gets five cards dealt with one of the dealers cards being face up. This is where the fun begins, you have several options to choose from:

  • Fold – muck the hand and lose your ante bet.

  • Call – place double your ante bet that will lead to dealer opening his cards and the winner of the hand will be determined as well as payouts made.

  • Draw Cards – you can replace as many cards as you wish, which is exactly the aspect that makes this casino poker game so unique. Though, every card that you want to replace will cost you an amount equal to the initial ante bet.

When you are done with drawing any cards and have made the call, dealer opens up his own cards and the winner is determined. Hands are valued as in a normal poker game, where the best combination is the royal flush and all 5 cards are used to make the best possible combination.

Dealers Hand Has to Qualify

Similarly as it is in Caribbean Poker games, in Oasis Poker the dealer will have to hold a qualifying hand for your ”call bet” to be paid at the odds I will list below. If his hand does not qualify, only your ante bet will be paid at even money odds, while the call will be considered as a push. You neither lose or win.

Dealer is considered as holding a qualifying hand, when he holds a hand that is at least Ace King or better. All pairs make his hand into a qualifying one.


There are some massive payouts to be won playing Oasis Poker online. Remember that the dealers hand will have to qualify in order for you to qualify and receive any of the payouts below. Of course, your hand will also have to be better in terms of strength for this to happen. Here are the payouts:

  • Royal Flush – 100 to 1

  • Straight Flush – 50 to 1

  • Four of a Kind – 20 to 1

  • Full House – 7 to 1

  • Flush – 5 to 1

  • Straight – 4 to 1

  • Three of a kind – 3 to 1

  • Two Pair – 2 to 1

  • A Pair – 1 to 1 (Even Money)

oasispokerstrategyOptimal Strategy & Tips

Even though casinos will always hold an advantage in any game they offer for obvious reasons, there is the optimal strategy developed for Oasis Poker that reduces the house edge to a really tiny amount – 0.476%

Drawing Strategy

You should never switch more than one card, but should always switch one in the following scenarios:

  • You hold four to a royal or straight flush

  • Four to a flush with no pair

  • An open ended straight draw (4567 for example)

You should never switch any of the cards when holding two pair or better, regardless of what you could be drawing to.

General Strategy

Apart from the drawing and switching cards, Oasis Poker plays the same way as a normal Caribbean Poker game thus the strategy is also same:

  • Always Call when holding a pair or better

  • Call when holding Ace King, given that dealers faceup card is one that you hold in your hand – this reduces the mathematical chance of him having a pair.

  • Call when holding at least AKJxx

If none of these scenarios are true – folding is the optimal play.

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