Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is an unusual and not so common variation of casino poker. It could be best described as a spread guessing game, where a spread is the gap between two cards. Try it out free or play for real money at Royal Vegas Casino by claiming up to $1,200 in free money.

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Playing Red Dog Poker Online at Casino

Red Dog is a casino games with a range of names. Some refer to it as Red Dog Poker, others call it Acey Deucey and to some it is Yablon. That does not change much and certainly not the rules of the game. This is fun and more importantly, very easy to learn game that can be a great one to play if you happen to be bored or just looking for some entertainment,

In hindsight, this is a poker game, though it’s played in a single player mode even if there are several players sitting and playing together with you at a table. It also isn’t a game where you have to make the best hand, rather it’s more similar to sportsbetting where you have to predict the outcome of an even – a hand in this case.

GamePlay & How To Play

Same way as with any other form of gambling, a hand of Red Dog Poker starts with players making their wagers. In this casino poker game there are two bet types – initial wager and one other, raise bet. You start out by putting the initial wager and dealer proceeds to deal two cards face up.

  • If the two cards dealt are connecting ones by their ranks such as a deuce and a three or a ten and a jack, the hand is immediately stopped and all bets push. You neither lose or win.

  • If the two cards dealt are the same, such as two sevens or two kings, dealer proceeds to dealing the third card instantly. If it also is the same and now there are three cards of the same rank at the table, all players in the hand win a payout of 11 to 1 odds. Good start, eh?

  • If neither of the two scenarios occur, play goes on by the dealer announcing or software displaying, if you play online, the spread between the cards. A spread is the amount of cards that fit between the two cards dealt to make them consecutive. The spread of a four and an eight is 3, because there are three cards between them – a five, six and a seven.

Once the dealer announces the spread, players have an option to raise their bet or just keep playing without doing so. You aren’t obligated to do this so it is completely up to you. When players have decided what to do, a third card is dealt between the two first ones.

This is the important part of the game and one where you instantly determine whether you won or lost. In order to win, the third card dealt has to be between the spread cards (between those cards that fit in the missing ones in the initial spreed). If we take the example of a four and an eight dealt as the two initial cards, we would win when either a five, six or a seven is dealt. Any other cards dealt result in all players losing their wagers.


Payouts in Red Dog Poker are completely dependant on the spread between the two initial cards dealt. This is always the case, except when three of a kind is dealt and all players instantly win 11 to 1 payout. Here’s the chart:

  • Spread of one – 5 to 1

  • Spread of two – 4 to 1

  • Spreed of three – 2 to 1

  • Spread of four or more – 1 to 1 (even money)

So it might seem like a longshot and winning is relatively hard, when the spread is smaller than three, but even money bets are paid out very often, as there might be a spread of up to 11 between two cards (a deuce and an ace).


Tips & Strategy

There is a very simple strategy tip that will help you to determine whether you should raise or simply play the hand. A mathematical advantage over the house is gained, when the spread between initial cards is equal to seven or larger. Thus, you should always raise the bet, when this happens and when it does not, simply play the hand. If you follow this simple tip, the house edge for this game will be a tiny 3%, which is definitely on the smaller end compared to most casino games.

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