Stravaganza is an exciting card table game that is brought to life by PlayTech. We have partnered up with Betway to offer it completely free! You can also learn the rules and tips for playing it below. Enjoy!

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stravaganzacasinogamebannerStravaganza is new casino game that has been brought to life by PlayTech. It actually uses an interesting concept and it got me hooked from the first time I played it. Now, being a passionate lover of BlackJack, I can honestly say that I might have just found a new love for myself.

What’s even more exciting – the game features a progressive jackpot, that will add a significant chunk to your wallet, in case you are lucky enough to get a hand that consists of three

Playing Stravaganza at Bet365 Online Casino

Playing Stravaganza at Bet365 Online Casino

kings that are all hearts. I must add that the game is dealt from a shoe consisting of 6 decks of cards so this is a little bit easier task to do.

GamePlay & Rules

Every round or hand of Stravaganza starts with the dealer dealing two face up cards to you and two face down ones to himself. The cards are valued by the commonly known standards – numbered ones are worth their face value, face cards are worth 10 points and all aces are worth 1 point.

Then depending on the cards you have been dealt, you can and have to make a decision. Your options also depend on the point sum that the first two cards of yours create. Important addition – your goal is to hit the highest possible point sum. You can’t go busto as in BlackJack, so the more points you have, the better.

  • If the point sum of your first two cards dealt is 5 or below, you can take your money back in the full amount.

  • If the point sum of the first two cards is between 6 and 9, there’s a ” rescue bet ” option. You can claim half of your wager back and be done with the hand. Of course, you can also choose to gamble and take another card by also adding the ”play on” wager.

  • If you have been dealt with two cards that amount to a point sum of 10 or higher you have two options. First is to ”play on” by matching your initial wager and taking another card while the second is to ”sit” without making any extra wagers and hope that dealer draws to a worse point sum than you.


The ”Play” bet is your initial wager that can be claimed back given that the circumstances allow it (see above) while the ”Play On” is your continuation bet that does not have to be staked, if you don’t want to. You can always sit and wait for the hand to end, of course, if you have a great point score with your initial cards, winning more is of high chance.stravaganzaaces

The Red Ace Rule

The Red Aces are the cards you do not want to see as a part of the dealers hand. If you do, you’ve lost in the hand unless you hit a bonus payout or a progressive one. Regardless of the point score, if dealers hand consists of a red ace, it’s all over.

Bonus Payouts

When you think the game can’t get any better and more exciting, it does. There also are several bonus payouts that can be won by getting a specific hand dealt. You might lose, when the dealer turns over a red ace, but still win a bonus payout.

  • 3 Face Cards – 1.5 to 1 (Only ”Play” Bet Paid)

  • Three of a Kind (Three equal cards) – 3 to 1 (Only ”Play” Bet Wager Paid)

stravaganzaredtableProgressive Bets

In order to win the Progressive Jackpot associated with the game, you will also have to wager a progressive bet. This can be done by pointing and clicking on the blinking red light at the table layout. Here are the payouts you can get for doing so:

  • Any sum of 30 – 10 to 1

  • Three of a Kind 5s to 10s – 50 to 1

  • Three of a Kind – Jacks to Kings – 100 to 1

  • Three same face cards (same suit also) – 10% of the Progressive Jackpot

  • Three Kings of Hearts – Progressive Jackpot

I must add that the progressive jackpot is currently well into 5 figures, so a nice payday can be made by playing this game. Remember to wager on the blinking light on top of any regular wagers as you don’t want to miss out on these extra payouts!


Stravaganza is also an unique game in terms of optimal strategy, as it kind of says what you should be doing by offering it as an option. Here’s the optimal way to play the game:

  • If the point sum of your hand is 5 or worse always take your bet back.

  • If the point sum of your initial hand is between 6 and 9, always claim half of your wager back by taking the ”rescue bet” option.

  • When the point score of your hand is 10 or higher, always take the ”play on” option as the likelyhood of you winning is higher when taking another card than winning without taking it, even if it means staking more money.

Playing Stravaganza by this strategy will keep the house edge at a tiny 3%, which is smaller than in most Roulette and BlackJack game types.

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