Live Dealer Roulette

Casino Roulette, while a really simple game to play, is also one of the most complex for the casinos to provide in a live dealer environment. Assisting multiple bettors all of whom are in a rush of placing their bets might be a bit of a pain. However, modern technologies and constant strive to make the games as accessible as possible by the industry leading brands have made it quite easy to play. The overall feel and gaming quality doesn’t differ from a normal, brick & mortar casino experience at all.

Of course there also are several obvious benefits for playing live dealer roulette vs doing the same at a land based casino, including being able to sit at your chair from the comfort of your own home and not driving to the nearest casino.

All in all, Roulette tops the list as one of the most popular games in live dealer casinos and is offered in all brands that do offer games in a live dealt variation.

Lets move on to checking on the best casinos for live roulette play, where we will give you an introduction to two amazing casino sites that will offer the playing experience you desire to get.

Best Casinos

Jackpot City Live Roulette

live dealer roulette at Jackpot CityJackpotcity live dealer roulette game
  • $500 Welcome Bonus
  • Flexible Betting Range: $1-$5,000
  • The Best Live Roulette Game Online

JackpotCity casino has not only been around for many years now, they have earned their reputation as one of the best online casinos to play at in the world. Why you ask?

Simple. They go to the ends of the earth to create a gaming experience that caters for their player’s every need. From their legendary sign up offers to their live dealers, everything is masterfully crafted and perfectly implemented.

I remember the first time I played online Roulette, the experience was wonderfully new but it lacked a particular something. For many years I could not figure it out until JackpotCity introduced their live dealers. The missing element was a human one, but now that is no longer true. With Live Dealer Roulette, I can watch as JackpotCity’s appointed dealer spins the wheel for me, I can watch as the ball comes to a halt and I can watch live as I win in one of my favourite online games ever.

Everything is seamlessly shown through a video streaming window, with the added bonus that your dealers are not only stunning, they are very good at what they do. This once again proves to me why, JackpotCity Casino is the number one online casino in the world.

live dealer rouletteRiver Belle casino live dealer blackjack
  • $800 Exclusive Welcome Bonus
  • Flexible Betting Range: $1-$5,000
  • Constant Promotions for Live Dealer Games

Unlike at most of our live dealer casino listings, this time Riverbelle Casino have claimed one of the top spot and is the best live roulette casino in the business. You will be offered a chance to choose between playing at multiplayer tables or all by yourself as well as choose between Asian or European female dealers.

When it comes to technical aspects, Riverbelle offers either standard tables or VIP Roulette that does not feature a limit in terms of betting. You can wager as much as you please, but there is a minimum amount. However, if you choose to play at this table type, I’m sure you don’t really care all that much.

You will also qualify for a $800 Welcome Bonus that is instantly added to your account upon your deposit.

live dealer rouletteVegas Paradise casino live dealer blackjack
  • $200 Exclusive Welcome Bonus
  • T&C's To This Offer 18+ only

  • Flexible Betting Range: $1-$5,000
  • Constant Promotions for Live Dealer Games

Our favorite casino site, Vegas Paradise, is the second choice for playing live dealer roulette online, but certainly offers a great playing experience too. You will be assisted with VERY good looking female dealers and actually given a chance to choose from a number of them. This adds an unique, personal touch and a VIP feel to all customers who choose to play at this Live Casino.

In terms of betting limits, VegasParadise does not disappoint either. Wagers between $1 and $5,000 will be accepted as a rule of thumb, but straight bets feature a limit of $500, given that their payout is quite big in the first place.

Generousity has never been a problem with this brand and this won’t be an exception. All new players can claim a 100% match bonus, up to a maximum of $200. This is a great chance to increase your starting bankroll, as the bonus is instantly credited to your account once you have made your first deposit!

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T&C’s To This Offer 18+ only