Hi Lo Switch

Are you looking for a fun and an exciting game that does not require a complex set of skills or all that much thinking? Well, you have found it – Hi Lo Switch is the game exactly of this type and man, it is ”helluva” addicting!


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About the game

As I already introduced, Hi Lo is one of the most exciting games in the market. I actually spent a good hour playing it before writing this review so that’s an honest point of view. I could spend a couple of more hours at it, but I want to tell you a little about it.

In hindsight, it’s a really simple card guessing game that can be played at casinos powered by Net Entertainment software. Your goal is to guess whether the next card dealt is going to be higher or lower than the one already at the table. There are quite a few high or low card games out there, but there’s something about this one that makes it stand out and that is the added possibility of switching cards. Okay, this was meant to be a short introduction so lets get to the actual game-play.


Playing Hi Lo Online couldn’t be much simpler. If you already found the environment to do so that’s a majors step forward. If not, Come On Casino is a great fit. Okay, enough, lets get to the point now! A single hand of the game starts with the player (you) placing a wager on the circle that is located on the table layout. Simple choose the coin denomination from the ones offered and place them on that circle. Once done, hit the ”’deal” button.

Three cards will now be dealt on the table layout with an option to switch presented to you. Initially you are given this option twice, but every time you guess the correct outcome for three times in a row, one extra chance is added.

So you have probably noticed the two buttons on top and below of every card dealt on the table. One is titled ”Hi” while the other one says ”Lo”, these are the two main buttons you will use playing this game.

  • Hi or High button should be clicked if you think that the next card dealt will be higher than that particular one already on the table.

  • Lo or Low button, on the other hand, should be clicked if you think that the next card dealt will be lower than the particular one already dealt on the table.

That’s the whole gameplay of this game – if you guess correctly, you are awarded with a payout. If you are wrong, you lose the wager placed on the betting circle and have to start all over again.


There is no payout table for the game and each particular choice features its own payout. It’s displayed near to the choice so I doubt it’s possible to miss it. Note that the higher the likelihood of an event happening (read card being lower or higher than the previous), the smaller the payout odds will be. If there’s a queen on the table, you will surely get some huge payout potential as there is only one card higher than the queen.

Card Ranks

The Hi/Lo Switch Game ranks the cards in the usual fashion except for the aces that are the lowest of all, instead of being the highest. The card rankings starting by lowest are as follows:

  • A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K

The Same Card Being Dealthiloswitchcardranking

If the next card dealt is the same as the previous one, you lose. I was confused when I tried this game out first, as I was awaiting for a push at least, but nope. Only 100% correct predictions will give you what you want – a payout.

Collecting Winnings

The funny thing about this game is that you might get so excited about guessing the correct cards for several time, that you might forget that in order to actually win the cash you feel like you’ve won, you have to click the ”collect” button. I have had a 10k in cash on the betting circle, thank God I did not forgot to cash it in!

Playing Tips

While there is no strategy attached to this game, there are two ways to play it. It purely depends on how much money you are looking to gamble with and for how long.

  • High Risk Taking – always striving to hit the big payouts. You try to go ”high” when a face card is dealt and so on.

  • Low Risk Taking – slow and steady wins the race! Well not quite, but this is a way you should go if you want to spend a couple of hours playing this game!

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